Chapter 5 – Akatsuki Clan


Under the late afternoon sun, in an abandoned warehouse, among the pillars, stood a young man dressed in crumbled clothes, drinking a can of coke.


“Man, I wonder how the rest are doing,” Recca sighed. It’s easy to fit in the new environment of university but the hardest part is to be without the Hokage, especially Hime. After graduation, everybody seems to be going in his or her own separate ways. Koganei is studying at the high school that Recca used to study at. Domon quitted school because he wanted to help his mum with the family flower stall. Fuko is studying at another university a few blocks away from Recca’s. Hime and Tokiya are studying at Tokyo University.


“Oh!!!” He crushed the empty can with a sudden surge of jealousy. Why can’t I be with Hime? He kicked the can across the warehouse. Darn it, Recca! Why the heck are you behaving like this? He looked around the warehouse. This old, long-forgotten warehouse bought memories, which changed his life forever. This was where Recca first learned of his power of flame. This flame, which change his life and destiny. Yet this flame burned a yearning question in his mind. How can a human like himself produce a flame?


“Atsui …,” Wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his palm. “Strange, it’s getting hot around here. But this heat…”


He stood completely still, trying to detect the stranger’s whereabouts. The antagonistic heat was building up all around him. At the same time, Recca was getting edgy.     


“DAMN IT! Why don’t you just come out and show yourself like a man?” he yelled.



You must not fight with her, Recca.


Nadare, Saiha… Her?


The hatred you feel around you is price of our sin. The sin that we have to bear upon our shoulders for all eternity. You and Kurei must not be part of it!


Homura, Mudoka, Rui...  What are you trying to tell me?


Yet you and Kurei will be…


Setsuna? Part of WHAT? 


Don’t be reckless, Recca. For this is a fight will be the end of the Hokage.


The end?? Koku? What do you mean?


She’s coming for you, my son


Who’s she? Father, why is she after me? Father? Why won’t they tell me?!


The heart of the Karyu was pounding together with Recca’s. For the first time of his life, Recca felt something that Karyu had never shown – Fear.


“The son of the Hokage is afraid. You should be, Recca Hanabishi.”


Recca turned his head to the direction of the voice. A white-cape figure walked out from the darkness, hold a staff in one hand.


“And who the heck are you?”


“In the name of Revenge, Hokage Flame must be put out” Walking closer to Recca, swinging the staff.

“Revenge? For what? I don’t have any feud with you.”

“For what your ancestors did to mine,” said the white-cape figure coldly, composing into a fighting position.


Run away, Recca! 


No. I’ll not run away from anyone…


“Look, I don’t know what is it that you have against me but,” A fire blade appeared on Recca’s arm. “I’ll not be defeated!”


Both fighters stood still, waiting for the right moment to attack. A piece of glass from a broken window fell to the ground. Eyes widen. Fingers griped the staff tighter. Kicks. Punches. Streaks of light. Sound of weapons clashing onto each other. Both landed on the opposite ends of the warehouse. A tear formed across Recca’s shirt while the white-caped figure stood still and composed.


“Saihai couldn’t slice through her wooden staff. She must be really good.”

“Is that all you have?”

“Don’t celebrate victory yet!” He lifted his hand. “Homura! Saihai! Nadare!” A fire chain with a sickle appeared. It flew around the white-caped woman, who merely held out her staff and caught the twining chain. Her pale pink lips formed a faint smile. A white flame shot out from her other hand and hit Recca right on the chest.


“A flame! But how?” He staggered backwards, gripping the fire chain.

“Pathetic. I expected more from a Hokage flame caster.”

“Bakas!” He made swift movements with his flame. “Rui! Mudoka! Setsuna! Homura! Saihai! Nadare!” The 6 fire dragons roared as they charged towards her.

“Only 6 from Karyu?” She stretched out her hand. A wave of white flame consumed the 6 fire dragons within seconds. A roar of defeat was heard.


Recca stared in shock. Impossible. With just a simple flame, she defeated 6 fire dragons. How is it possible that she has the power of the flame? Is she another clone made by Mori Kougan? Can she be using a maudough? Who is she?


“ I’m not a Hokage nor do I use a maudough. I’m Shiroka. A Akatsuki flame warrior.”




“Kagero, yelled Koganei.” “Eikai ball! It’s … It’s.” Kagero rushed in the living room and saw the maudough shining purple rays endlessly. The rays grew intensely and formed into a shape of the Hokage symbol before bursting into a red skull. Scattered pieces of Eikai ball fell across the entire room.


“Eikai has just been destroyed. What does it mean, Kagero?”

“I don’t know, Koganei. I don’t know.”



Fuko strolled across the park, wondering how the rest of the Hokage are doing without her. She looked at Fujin fondly. I wonder how you come about? She caressed the Fujin ore gently. I wonder how Raiha is doing? Huh? Someone is watching me? A strong gust of the vening wind flew around her, swirling around her body, flipping her hair to one side and whispered into her ears.


“Fujin will no longer be yours.”

“What?” Fuko turned around. “ Did I just hear the wind talking to me?” She felt a cool breeze upon her cheeks. “ Then, why am I still sense danger?”

“Don’t bother to try what you can’t see.”

“What the? Hey! Whoever you are show yourself?”

“Why should I? After all, I’m right behind you.”


Before Fuko could react, grey-coloured hands sprung out of the ground and grabbed her legs and arms. A mist floated from the ground and entwined itself around Fuko.


“Don’t bother to struggle, Fuko Kirisawa,” said the mist, its voice gentle and smooth. “Give Fujin to me.”

“What? Fujin? What do you want with Fujin?”

“Oh, just taking back what’s rightfully ours.”

“What do you mean?” She felt Fujin slipping from her arm. “What are you doing? Leave Fujin alone!”

“You think that Fujin is yours. And that you are its mistress.” The maudough danced about in the air. “But you are not. Fujin belongs to Akatsuki clan. In other words, it belong to me.” Instantly, two wind blades from Fujin slashed Fuko’s arms deeply. She cried out in pain. Fujin?

“You see how quickly Fujin obey me. It knew who is his true master.”

“You lair! You know that you are no match against so you must have control Fujin using something. I know that you are hiding somewhere, when I find you ..”

“Do what? Kill me? All right then, I’ll let you go and let you use Fujin against me. How about that?” The grey-coloured hands evaporated.


Fuko picked up Fujin from the ground.  Her face winced in pain as she put Fujin on her bleeding arm. That bastard will pay for this. Where is that bastard? A gentle breeze brushed against her hair. Fallen leaves from a tree slide across the ground. “Over there! Fujin!”

She threw Fujin (who had turned into a furry white ball) across the foundation, which unexpectedly spins back and struck the totally shunned Fuko. No way!  She crashed through a tree and landed on a grass patch. Green turned red.

Fujin? Why?


“You see? I’m telling the truth. As long you are not from the Akatsuki clan, Fujin will never be yours.”

“Akatsuki Clan? … who .. are you ?”

“I’m Kaze Yousei from the Akatsuki clan and you, my dear, are a dead Hokage.”


~ ~ ~

“What my ancestors did to yours?” demanded Recca, who was covered with bruises and cuts.

“600 years ago, the Akatsuki clan was the most feared ninja clan because of our supernatural power that was given to us by the heavens. You Hokage were nothing at that time. However, one of my ancient ancestors, a high priestess fell in love with one of your leaders. The Akatsuki elders were against the match but when they saw how happy she was, they finally agreed. Little did they know the she taught her Hokage lover how to control the spirits and use them. She even blessed him to have the power of the flame and a protection cast to protect him from being burnt up by the flame since he was not an Akatsuki. On the eve of the wedding day, the Hokage cunningly gave drugged sake to the Akatsuki elders and anyone who knows about the supernatural secrets. When the drug began to take toll, that bastard summoned up his flame and burned them to death even the bride was not spared while his men murdered the rest of the clan and destroyed thousands of scrolls and books that contain valuable information on the Akatsuki history and magic.”


“Later, your ancestors tried to control the spirits but they were either killed or injured by the sprits because they did not have Akatsuki blood in them. So, that Hokage bastard and two of his most trusted men did a lot of experiments before they created what you called as moudough. Like the cast you wore to protect from the flame so does the moudough protects the user from being killed or injured by the spirits.”


“Although most of our ancient ancestors were killed. Some of them had secretly hid in the mountains because they were against the marriage and along them, they bought copies of the scrolls, books and other stuffs that some of the elders wanted them to hid in fear that they might be destroyed by the Hokage.  It was said that during the preparation of the wedding, the elders placed a curse on the Hokage lover if he dared to betray his lover.”


“200 years later, our ancestors have regained our power and wanted to take revenge the Hokage but were unable to do so since the we were forced to go into hiding by the arrival of the Demon who out wiped the Hokage. We thought that our ancient ancestors have taken vengeance for us but we didn’t know that your mother, Kagero knew the time travel technique and saved you and Kurei from the slaughter. It was when we learned about Mori Kougan and through him, we learnt about your existence. ”


“Since we made a vow to our ancient ancestors that no Hokage or maudough shall exist, we have to eliminate you and the maudoughs as well.”

Shiroka held her staff in front of her. Her fingers did some weird movements. She chanted.


“I call out through the wings of time

To the ancient ancestors of Akatsuki

In hopes that you might answer my cry

That from this moment on, and forever more

Shall the power of Karyu be yours

I asked for vengeance, so rightfully deserved

For the innocent blood sled 600 years ago”


“I better stop her chanting. Karyu! Go forth and attack her!” yelled the determined Recca.


The white flame burst into several directions. Shiroka’s hood fell off, exposing her long black hair to wave about wildly her face. Her eyes turned white.


“I call out to the mystical world

To the flames that nourishes this world

To the 4 corners of the earth

Kita (north)

Minami (south)

Higashi (east)

Nishi (west)

I, direct descendant of Akatsuki.

Pure child of the flame

Summon thee to seal off the flame of Recca

Answer my cry, the cry of the Akatsuki

I know thou are with me, though unseen by mortal eyes

Answer your pure child’s cry. I implore thee.

 I implore thee! I implore thee!”


Bright blinding light filled the dark warehouse.  Recca was forced to cover his eyes. All he could hear was the howling of Karyu. All he could feel was the intense heat burning his skin alive. Every inch of body cried out in pain. A force was tearing him apart from Karyu. Tearing him away …

~ ~ ~


“Au revoir, Fuko Kirisawa.”

“Fujin. Don’t. Please.”

“I’m sorry. Fuko – sama,” said Fujin sadly, its blue eyes darkened. “I have no choice but I have to listen to Kaze Yousei. He is my master. Please forgive me” A deadly wind blade flew towards her. Fuko closed her eyes. Tears sprang at the corner of her eyes.  “Fujin.”


The sound of a sword followed by the sound of fallen trees from the surroundings. Fuko slowly opened here eyes. A man with long purple hair tied with a ribbon at one end. He was dressed in long green trousers and a plain white T-shirt, holding a very familiar sword. “Raiha?”


“I’m sorry that I couldn’t come sooner, Fuko. You just lay still.” He knelt down and bandaged her head with his handkerchief.

“I don’t care who you are,” hissed Kaze Yousei. “But you better stay out of this or die.”

“Don’t you anything else better to say?”

~ ~


Shiroka collapsed upon the rumbles. Beads of sweat trickled down her face. How in the world could he control Karyu when he’s not an Akatsuki? At the side of her staff lay an orange glowing ball, she crawled towards it and gasped it. The anger roar of Karyu was heard. She gazed at it and gave laughter. “ I did it. I have the power of Karyu in my hands. The ancient Akatsuki has chosen me.” She spotted a burnt figure among the rumbles. It was Recca.


“So, he still lives. Never mind. I’ll finish him off.” She aimed a fireball at him. A purple angel sprung out from nowhere and blocked the fireball. Dust circled the area. “What the?”


“I thought that I will find you here,” said Kurei, standing beside Neon. “Answer me, what did you do to Recca?”

“Darn you, Kurei. Stay out of this.”

“Whatever concerns the Hokage concerns me. Answer me, or feel my flame.”

“I defeated Recca. I can defeat you.” Shiroka coughed out blood.

“That depends on you. You don’t look too well yourself. Kurenai!”


Kurenai screamed in joy and was about to attack Shiroka when a sliver barrier appeared and split Kurenai in two. The purple Flame vanished. A tall, muscular sliver-armoured man appeared, carrying Shiroka in his arms. “Hogosya – sama?”


“Save your strength, Shiroka. You have done your duty well. Kurei, we will keep our promise made to your mother 400 years ago. For now, your baby brother’s life will be spared.”


“Goei – sama?” stammered Kaze Yousei as a bronzed-armoured creature materialised. Its body was of a serpent, wings of the eagle, its hideous face was heavily covered by its emerald-studded helmet.  

“Kaze Yousei. You have disobeyed our leader’s orders. You are to come with me now.”

“But ..”


The mist reluctantly faded away.

“You better take that girl to the hospital,” said Goei before he dematerialised.

Raiha knelt down beside Fuko and carried her gently. “Hand in there, Fuko. I’m taking you to the hospital.” Fuko gave a slight smile and rested her head against the side of his neck.


“ A promise made to your mother?” asked Neon.

“Never mind about that,” said Kurei. “Right now, we have to bring Recca to the hospital. He wrapped his jacket around Recca’s burnt body. “Neon, you go and connect the rest of the Hokage. We will meet up later.”

“Alright.” She bent down and kissed her husband on the lips. Kurei bluntly stared at the direction she had taken for a moment and smiled. “Women.”


~ ~

“Goei – sama. What do you mean by I disobey orders?” asked the angry Kaze Yousei. “Our leader’s order was to eliminate the Hokage!”

“That was before. His order now is to find the 4 Kami no hito immediately. Hokage will be dealt later.”

“The 4 Kami no hito? Has Lady Yogen sensed their presence?”

“Yes, she sensed the presence of a Kami no hito already. When one appeared, the other 3 should be close by.”

“So, what’s got to do with not killing the Hokage?”

“Although a majority of our ancient ancestors have fled together, some have fled to other parts of Japan. Most of them would probably change their identity and never told their children about the Akatsuki blood that flows in them. In order to be a Kami no hito, one must be a direct descendant of the Akatsuki clan.”

“At least, you could let me have Fujin.”

“And let you kill the girl the moment you possess Fujin? What if she had Akatsuki blood in her? Would you dare to face the consequences?”

Kaze Yousei kept silent sullenly.

“Anyway, the main priority was been done by Shiroka. When we find the all 4 Kami no hito, you can do whatever you like with the Hokage.”   


 “Hokage flame has already been put out. If even Kurei tries to help the Hokage, he won’t be able to do so for long. Unless he’s willing to lose another life.”





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