Finally, a showdown






"Are you okay?" the woman in the alley asked as another woman staggered in.

"Daijoubu?" the woman supported the other and asked.

"It's really bad. I didn't even have the time to act. I don't know why those fellows recognised me even before I even did anything."

"Maybe they found out something… or maybe we have traitors within us!"

"We must go back and consult Leader."


"Dou?" Ken asked as Aya ran up to Kawamoto's car, which is acting as their hideout.

"She managed to escape. But I think I have injured her." Aya replied, his face very grim.

Kawamoto sitting in the driver's seat quickly turned around. "Did you manage to see which direction she took off?"

"Yes. I managed to follow her until a hotel. Then she disappeared. I think she either would have hidden into one of the rooms or she might have escaped from the hotel."

"All right, we have no time to lose. We must go over to look for clues." As Kawamoto said these words, his hands reached for the safety belt. He then turned over to face Omi's direction and said, "Omi, you can return to the flower shop first. I think we can - "

"I want to go." Omi interrupted decisively.

Kawamoto blinked for a moment, then turned his head in a gesture of giving up. "All right. We have no time to lose."



"What happened?" A voice demanded as the three messengers staggered into the room.

"She got slashed." Was one of the messenger's reply.

"How did it happen?" The voice demanded.

"I… I don't know." The injured messenger said.


Kawamoto's car screeched to a halt outside the hotel. Fingers on the laptop keyboard never rested as Omi hacked into the hotel's security system.

"Dou, Omi?" Kawamoto asked.

"Chotto matte ne… … ok, I'm done." Omi said, lifting the screen and showing the rest of the members what he had done.

"From here, We'll be able to see what goes on in all the hotel rooms at the same time."

Aya's shrewd eyes scanned the pictures that appeared onto the laptop quickly. "Look at this." He said before pointing his finger onto a small black box.

"This?" Omi asked, pointing at the small window. Aya nodded. "What's wrong?"

"The time is shown here. This shows that this camera is still working. Then why is it black? It must have been deliberately blocked."

Omi looked and nodded in agreement. "Sou ne! Let me try to get more information about this room."



"You said the man knew who you were even before you had the chance to do anything?"

"Yes… yes, Leader." The messenger replied.

"You must have leaked some information out, didn't you?" The voice continued.

"Thy servant is not sure." The messenger replied, her voice slightly trembling.

"You are not to blame. I'm sure I know who is it that has done this to you. Not to worry, I allow you to take revenge on this man. If not, I will do it for you."

"Thy servant would be unworthy for leader to waste such time. Thy servant shall handle it herself."

"Good. I am assured to hear your words."


"Che! Oi Aya, they're planning on revenge on you…" Youji, who was eavesdropping on the room which Gift was using remarked.

"This is not the time to discuss this." Aya remarked, not bothered at all. He then turned to Omi. "Did they mention about any plans?"

"No, not yet… but I deduce that the leader is currently inside the room together with all the Gift members."

"We must take action now then. To break the organisation once and for all." Ken said.

"Yes, but its very dangerous. What if we fail they'll on be their guard against us. We might just end up like those spies… murdered by Totenmaske." Youji said.

"So… what should we do?" Omi asked, turning to Kawamoto.

Kawamoto pondered for a while, then reached for his pocket and took a bottle of pills out. "Lets risk it."

"This is?" Aya asked, pointing to the bottle.

"A drug that can act as a shield and prevent the effects of Totenmaske from harming you for a least 1 hour. It'll be very handy."


"Who's there?" A messenger replied to the knocking on the door.

"Room service, Ma'am!" The voice behind the door hollered. The messenger walked towards the door and opened the door where the chamberlain is waiting.

"We didn't ask for anything…" She began, but was immediately put silent by 4 claws pressing lightly on the nape of her neck.

"I did." Ken said, flinging off the hotel uniform and resumed his identity as Weiß. Noticing the invasion, the messenger quickly signaled the rest of the messengers in the room.

One of the messengers reached for a button underneath the table and pressed on it, causing fumes of poisonous gas to be ejected into the room. Meanwhile, the other 3 messengers in the room wasted no time in producing a rope and quickly climbed out of the window.

Trying to run away… Youji who was hiding behind the door smirked. He then opened his watch and activated the signal to inform Omi and Aya who was waiting in the garden before himself running off to join them.


"Let's go and inform leader!" one of the messengers said to another messenger, only to be covered in the mouth by Aya.

"Too late." Saying that, he gives the girl a fatal slash. On seeing her companion fall, the other messenger starts to run but was too shot in the chest by an arrow which seemed to come from a tree.

"Gomen yo…" Omi whispers.


"Impossible… why aren't you…" The messenger asked in shock after realising that the deadly poisonous mist had not affected the intruder one bit.

"Poisoned?" Ken asked, pinning the messenger down. "Go ask that to the people whom you have brought unto paradise." Ending his words, he raised his bugnuks.


A messenger was hurrying towards the direction of the hotel main entrance. Suddenly, her feet tripped onto something not visible and she fell. Then, she felt strings upon her neck and arms, entrapping her.

Youji appeared, holding the garrote. "Hey what is the hurry? You could answer me a few questions first, like maybe - what is your motive for killing people like that?"

The messenger turned her head, refusing to answer the question. She then shot a dart from her mouth, which Youji dodged.

"My, my, so impatient. All right babe- " Youji tightened the garrote.


A stunningly beautiful woman stepped into the hotel lobby and walked in the most beautiful grace towards the counter.

"Excuse me, I'd like to check out." she says in the most perfect english. The receptionist deftly proceeded to do the necessary procedures. Then putting on a dazzling smile, the woman turned to walk out of the hotel.

As she steps out of the door however, Kawamoto comes in and stands directly in her path outside the hotel, leaving her with no choice but to fix her eyes upon Kawamoto. She takes a few steps more and stood in front of him.