"I don't care what you did. I want you back."





They exchanged glances for the next few moments.

The woman finally opened her mouth. "Think you could move a little to let me pass?" she whispers in english.

"Engel." Kawamoto answered with. The woman's beautiful black eyes widened for a split second before regaining their calm composure again.


Kawamoto answers by putting his gun up and pointing it directly towards the woman. "Engel, the leader and also one of the 5 female messengers of Gift."

The woman looked up and smiled darkly. "Are you sure? I don’t even have the slightest clue what you are talking about. But I strongly suggest you put that gun down before I decide to bring you to the -"

"I know she had another name. Kawamoto Yuri!"

The woman blinked a few times, as if to hide her shock or surprise. Kawamoto by this time had raised his both hands and placed them on the woman's shoulders.

"I don't care why you did it, or what you have done. I want you back to me."

The woman coolly sweeps one hand off his shoulders. "Sorry mister, I still don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't bother to deny it. Your sulphur perfume explains it all."

"Ee?" The woman asked.

"The only kind of perfume that acts as an antidote for totenmaske. Yuri why don't you admit it!" Kawamoto said, a little impatient.

The woman's eyes narrowed. "So you're the one that has been making trouble." Ending her words, 4 needles under her fist aimed towards Kawamoto, who dodged them quickly.

Noticing that her plan had failed, but successfully got Kawamoto's attention diverted, she turned and tried to escape. Kawamoto by this time pounced forward and enclosed her within a fierce hug.

"Yuri! Yamerou! Why are you doing this! Stop it!" The woman struggled fiercely under his arms, but no avail. His embrace tightened still.

"My name is Engel. I'm not the Yuri you're talking about. Hanase!" The woman said, struggling to break free at the same time.

"Never. I will never let you go. I will follow you even if I have to enter the pits of fire in hell. I can't bear to live another day without you. Never ever!" he clings onto the woman, as if he was a drowning man holding onto to a piece of log and his whole entire life depended on it. "Dakara… onegai," A tear squeezes out as he shuts his eyes tightly, "Onegai! Wake up!"

The woman's tears dropped involuntarily and they landed onto Kawamoto's arms. She stopped her struggling and Kawamoto too loosened his grip. She turned and looked directly into his eyes, her own shimmering with tears that threatened to drop.

"Ho… honey…" she stumbled, as tears streaked down her face. "Why…"

"I won't let you go anymore… never ever…" Kawamoto firmly gripped her shoulders. More tears fell as Yuri surrendered and fell into his embrace.

The 2 are lost in the embrace. Suddenly however, Yuri gave a stifled yelp. She then turned soft and sank down. Kawamoto quickly supported her arms. He raises her and realises to his shock to find a poisoned needle on her leg.

"No…….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He bawls, holding the body in his hands.