Episode 1


  The princess and the ninja; the awakening of the power

400 years ago, civil war reigned all over Japan and clans were destroyed. Fleeing from her enemies was a woman, carrying a baby in her arms. She ran through the woods till she reached an open field. Chanting with some weird hand movements, she opened a time portal and sent the baby into it. Her last words to the baby were, “This child, Recca, will be the greatest of us all.”

Now in the present time, Recca was having his daily fighting with the school bully, Domon Ishijima. Using his ninja techniques, Recca trapped Domon into a pit. Domon screamed and said Recca had cheated. He also insulted the Ninjas that Recca worshipped. Recca (unpleased with his remark) lit up a bunch of firecrackers and threw it into the pit. Domon screamed again. Having his fill of revenge, Recca made his leave, saying he would serve Domon as his personal ninja on a condition that he defeats him.

Back home, Recca revealed his passion with Ninja since childhood by showing his ninja equipments and books. However, he couldn't understand his obsession. Feeling hungry, he walked downstairs into the workroom where his dad, Mr. Hanabishi was making fireworks. His dad greeted him but received a kick in his face. Recca yelled at his dad for smoking while he’s making fireworks but his dad kicked him back and told him to have his lunch outside. Then, the scene changes to crystal ball and a woman’s voice whispering Recca’s name.

The scene switched to a man being burnt to ashes by a masked man named Kurei,. His father, Mori Kougan, told Kurei that being human is pathetic because he is easily subjected to death and he does not wish to become like that. Kurei replied that he understood his father’s desire to have eternal life and is determined to find the secret of doing so. After all, who else knows about the Hokage Ninja secrets than him?

Recca was having his lunch when he spot a group of kids laughing and running. One of them fell to the ground and started to cry. A girl approached to the crying child and comforted him. Recca was staring at her so much till he finally realized that he was spilling his drink on his pants and dropped his lunch as well. He looked up again but she was gone. Anyway, he followed them to a construction site. Somehow, the operation went wrong and a pile of metal pipes went crashing down, right to the way the girl was standing. Recca jumped forward and pushed the girl out of the way. In the process of doing so, he was injured seriously with a bleeding head. The passers-by screamed. The girl, not knowing what to do, held Recca in her arms.

In his sub-conscious state, Recca  had a dream about him kneeling down in front of a princess who healed his wounds instantly.. Recca woke up and sees the crowd, staring at him in amazement. Panicking, Recca retreated into a park. The girl followed him and thanked him. Recca was surprised that the girl knew him. She took off her apron, revealing her school uniform. Recca then understood how she was able to recognize him because she was from the same high school as him. The girl introduced herself as Yanagi Sakoshita. Seeing a cut on his hand, she placed her hand over his and healed the cut. Recca was awed by Yanagi's natural ability to heal and promised her to keep it a secret. To thank her for it, he decided to bring her somewhere.

In a warehouse, Recca lit up some fireworks. While they were enjoying the view, a creepy laughter was heard. The shadows merged together and a woman in black appeared, holding a crystal ball (Hokage maudough: Eikai). The woman, Kage Houshi, said she did this as a form of demonstration to prove what she was about to say. 400 years ago, when Japan was in civil war, a ninja clan - the Hokage - was totally wiped out. No one knew about their existence because there were no records made about them. She said that Recca was a direct descendant of them and she had been searching for him for 400 years. She requested to see the flame that the Hokage ninjas were able to create from their hands.

Recca dismissed her words and wanted to leave. Kage Houshi objected, indirectly indicating she would fight if she had to. Recca (feeling very annoyed) threw some smoke bombs and led Yanagi away. A dagger appeared from the smoke screen and injured Recca on the leg. Yanagi wanted to heal him but Recca wouldn’t allow it in fear of exposing her secret. So, he fought with Kage Houshi who defeated him very easily. Yanagi stepped in and pleaded with Kage Houshi to let Recca go. Kage Houshi simply told to heal him like she did before. Without warning, she slashed Yanagi. Recca caught the falling girl, who managed to heal him before she lost conscious. Kage Houshi commented that it was a pity that she couldn't heal herself. Recca decided to fight her.

Once again, Kage Houshi thrashed Recca up, still demanding to see his flame even if she had to use force. Recca fell to the ground, weakened by his injuries.. Kage Houshi walked towards Yanagi and wondered how would she dispose of her. Recca yelled her to stop but she raised her dagger to strike. Recca screamed, then flame was produced on his right arm (which was covered by a cast). He stared in disbelief. However, Kage Houshi was delighted by it. Although Recca was scared of the flame, he used it on Kage Houshi, who strangely welcomed it. The flame consumed her but she materialized and told Recca that his flame was too weak and he would need a stronger flame to destroy her. She sank into the ground while the fire died off...

Yanagi regained conscious and found herself being carried by Recca. He told her that he had defeated the strange woman and called her ‘Hime’ (Princess in Japanese). Yanagi was surprised to be called as ‘Hime’ but Recca insisted and vowed to Yanagi that she is his ‘Hime’ and he, as her personal ninja would protect her forever.              


Screen caps


An evil-looking Kage Houshi

 Recca releasing his flame for the   first time 


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