Episode 11

鋼金晴器! 五つの刃!

The Five Forms of the Anki Kougan

Recca meets Kurei for the first time and was told about the Hokage history and their relation. Before Recca fell into the basement (where the next fighter was waiting for them), he told Kurei that he would defeat him...

Recca had a dream about the civil war in Japan that had happened 400 years old. A woman was carrying him (when he was a baby) and telling him that she hoped to send him to a peaceful world. He awoke and found himself in a deep pool, which had broken his fall and probably saved him. Ganko recognized the place as Mokuren’s lab and became afraid. Domon proved Ganko's fear by pointing to the skeletons that were lying at the bottom of the pool among the water plants.

When they were about to leave, the water plants started to grow. The gang immediately ran for their lives. Meanwhile, Koganei changed his Anki Kougan into its second form (Ryu – a chain with a sickle attached). He threw it forwards; Mikagami dodged but gets hit from behind. Koganei proceeded to cut him up; Mikagami managed to catch it with one arm and pulled the chain towards him. He intended to strike but Koganei leaped away. Mikagami tried again but his Ensui gets caught between a giant pair of scissors (Anki Kougan’s third form – Kyoku). Koganei knocked Ensui from his hands but strangely requested Mikagami to pick it up. 

For the running gang, Recca used his flame to burn up the ever-growing plants. Fuko observed that the magnitude of his flame had increased with each usage. As for Mikagami, he was bleeding badly and Recca’s face kept on appearing in his mind (much to his displeasure). He recalled that Recca had never give up during their fight despite the heavy injuries and if Recca could do so could he. Kogenai changed Anki Kougan into a boomerang (the fourth form – Mikazuki) and threw. Mikagami evaded and then, all of sudden, Koganei disappeared. He then used Ensui to produce mist which covered the whole room. On the ceiling lamp, Koganei held up a bow and arrow (the fifth form – An) He did a little recap of his Anki Kougan (1st form – blade (Kiba); 2nd form – Ruy; 3rd Kyoku, 4th Mikazuki and 5th An). He believed that Mikagami was using the mist to hide himself and so he released the arrow. The arrow pierced Mikagami who changed into water.

From behind, Mikagami strike. Koganei fell to the ground and had Ensui right at his face. Mikagami explained that he was using a water puppet as a decoy while determining Koganei’s location. He would spare him because Koganei had allowed him to pick up Ensui and told him to leave his weapon. Koganei did so, crying, leaving Mikagami to think that Koganei was still a child. However, Koganei had attached a thread to the Anki Kougan, which he retrieved back with ease. Before he left, he told Mikagami that he had enjoyed the fight and would like to have a rematch if they were to met again.  He ran off, irritating Mikagami.

Recca and the rest enter finally the room where Mokuren awaits them. He intended to use his paralysis potion like he did before in Tatesako’s house but Recca beat him to it. Ganko spot the lift behind Mokuren, which was the only way to reach the 4th level.  Mokuren then switched on the stereos. Yanagi’s high-pitched screams were heard. Mokuren went saying that Kurei was using electricity to extract the healing power from Yanagi. Unable to control himself, Recca snapped and thrashed the whole place including burning Mokuren to a crisp.

The gang took the lift to proceed to the 4th level. Meanwhile, Kurei was informed that the experiments had reached to a dangerous level and Yanagi would be at the risk of being killed but he ordered them to carry on as he was busy with the other guests. 

The lift door opened and Kurei released his flame..


Screen cap

Koganei using Anki Kougan 

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