Episode 18

修羅の剣! 水鏡出陣!

Mikagami’s battle

In a room, the Hokages were waiting for their first battle. Soon, an announcement through the voice transmitter was heard - the Urabutousatsoujin was about to start...

2 hours earlier, the Hokages were looking for Recca. During which, Fuko bumped into a boy who was dressed in marital arts clothing with the word, ‘Ku’ embroidered on it. The boy apologized and asked her if she was all right. Fuko said nope. He was relieved and helped her get up. Then, he excused himself and ran off. The group was then called by a referee (dressed in a bat-costume) who asked them where their last member was. They said that they had no idea. The bat-costumed referee told them they had to find him, as they are required to attend a speech. They intend not to attend but the she threatened them that she would disqualify them.

While the group was looking for him, Recca was resting on an open field but the sight of the heavy security disturbed him. A man, resting under a tree, told him not to be bothered by them and enjoy the remaining time that he had. He introduced himself as Kukai from team, ‘Ku’. Soon, they became acquainted. Their talk was interrupted by a boy (the same boy who bumped into Fuko) who whispered something into Kukai’s ear. Kukai then told Recca that they had to attend an opening speech and his friends were  probably looking for him. He wished him luck for the Urabutousatsoujin and maybe they might face each other soon.

At the battle dome, Mori Kougan gave his speech on a large television screen. Recca, Fuko and Domon immediately laughed loudly at the sight of his face. Their laughter soon end when Mori Kougan reminded the contestants that the losers  lose everything while the winner gets everything. Therefore, that meant that Hokages cannot afford to lose at all. At a castle, Mori Kougan was applauded by his guests. Most of them hoped that the team, Uruha Kurenai (which Kurei was in) would win and asked if there iwas any team that he could recommend. He showed them team 64 – the Hokages. His guests thought that he was joking with them since the team iwas just made up of kids. He said nothing but laughed as he looked at Yanagi.

Another referee proceeded to explain the details of the Urabutousatsoujin. The teams were divided into 4 groups – A, B, C & D. While she was speaking, Recca tried to calculate the number of battles that they have to fight. Mikagami mentally calculated for them – 6 battles. The television screen then changed the schedule of today’s battles. For section A, it was the Hokages VS Ku.

At the first battle, the referee introduced the teams. Recca was stunned to find out that Kukai was their opponent, including Fuko who recognized the boy who bumped into her previously. From the audience, Hokages learnt that Ku were a team of assassins. Recca couldn't believe that a gentle, friendly man like Kukai was an assassin. The referee went into the details of the battle:


Round 1 – Daikoku from Ku VS Mikagami from Hokage

Round 2 – Minamino from Ku VS Domon from Hokage

Round 3 – Fujimaru from Ku VS Fuko from Hokage

Round 4 – Saicho (the boy who bumped into Fuko) from Ku VS Recca from Hokage

Round 5 – Kukai, the leader VS well, that would be decide later on.


The audience jeered at the Hokage for lacking one member while they cheered for Ku. Kukai told his team to respect the Hokages because they were also invited to participate

In Round 1, Mikagami filled his Ensui at a nearby fountain. He remembered the words of his sensei, Meguri Koyoza, who had taught him how to use Ensui for the last 7 years. “The path of Revenge is hard road in life. This sword requires blood of its opponents and soon, you’ll be covered in blood.” He remembered that he told his sensei that he was prepared for to take the path of Revenge. That is why he was here – for Revenge.

Daikoku demonstrated his skill with his staff by destroying the concrete floor of the arena. Hokages were shocked at his ability. Kagero also showed up and told them she was also invited by Kurei. Apparently, Kurei wants her to see Recca die in front of her own eyes but she was going to help them as much as she can. She said that the staff that Daikuko has was a Hokage maudough. The technique was that while he smashed the concrete floor, the force of the air create a vortex, which lifted up the broken pieces of concrete into air. Thus, allowing the user to smash them into fine pieces or dust. Kukai said that she was correct and if Mikagami gets hit, he would end up with a big hole in his body.

Mikagami remained composed and asked if they can get on with the fight because he’s getting bored. This upset Daikuko who attacked him instantly. The ever-composed Mikagami nimbly dodged his violent attack, leaving the Hokages to stare at him blankly. The mad Daikuko then stabbed the ground with his staff and threw dirt into Mikagami’s eyes, breaking off his defence. He strike and Mikagami was thrown out of the arena. For a moment, he laid still but gets up, brushing the dirt off his jacket. Kukai explained that he had manage to leap backwards, thus, avoiding the full force of the attack.  However, Saicho said that the winner had already been decided - Mikagami’s ankle was bleeding. Recca saw it too and thinks that Mikagami should not continue the fight. Much to Recca’s annoyance, Mikagami simply took the whole thing nonchalantly and jumped back to the arena.

Fuko agreed with Recca and told Mikagami to leave the rest to them. Mikagami turned his head and asked them whether they know how to stop a spinning fan. The Hokages thought that he had gone nuts due to the blow. He faced Daikuko and saying that he would show them how to do with Ensui. 

Daikuko decided to finish him off his 1000-attack technique and charged... 


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