Shadow Skill OVA


At an ancient training site, Scar Face stood at the outer rims, watching the duel between the 59th Kuruda Cevar Shadow Skill Elle Lag and Gau Ban. He looked extremely excited at the outcome. Meanwhile, Gau believed that he had to defeat Elle in order to reach his goal as Cevar. Like Gau, Elle hoped Gau to become stronger than her and eventually, stronger than Scar Face....

Some time before the duel, Elle and Gau began their journey towards Gau's hometown. After being send off by Folly, Low and Kyou, the two were chatting with each other as they across the plains. Unknown to them, spies from Soulfan were spying on them, waiting for the right opportunity to kill Elle Lag and disgraced the honour of Kuruda Cevars. 

While walking along a mountain track, Gau asked Elle's reason in fighting. Elle was unsure how to answer him but she replied that fighting was a Cevar's gift and in her opinion, it's exciting to fight with a stronger opponent and it's an honour to fight to the death. Feeling mischievous, Elle playfully attacked Gau, resulting in the destruction of the mountain tracks and falling debris. (The fighting scene is awesome but difficult to describe it in words.) 

At night, Elle tossed the embarrassed Gau his trousers (which she dried at the fire for him), who immediately hid behind a tree in his hurry to put it on. Later, Elle told Gau his weakness. He was still hesitating and should be focusing on his leg techniques rather than arm techniques. Gau replied that he felt that arm techniques were quicker and easier to master like Kuruda annihilation technique, Open Skill. Elle gravely answered that he still hadn't see the difference between Open Skill and Shadow Skill. 

Meanwhile, Folly, Low and Kyou were having a discussion about Elle and Gau's relationship. Folly revealed to them that every year, on the 14th day of the blue month, Elle would take Gau to his hometown to pay their respects to his late parents. Among the tombstones was a tree where Elle would mark Gau's height so that his late parents could see how much Gau had grown. Kyou felt that Elle was a like parent to Gau but Folly had a difficult answer. Gau was a pet to Elle and soon, the pet would bite back at its owner. 

Late in the night, somewhere in the woods,  a spy (werewolf) from Soulfan tried to kill Elle (who was soundly asleep) but Gau instantly killed him without much ease. Despite his small victory, Gau felt that he need a stronger opponent to improve himself. Throughout the entire time, Elle was aware of the situation. 

Somewhere in the Coliseums of Kuruda, Scar Face met Black Wing Dais Lag (Elle's older brother) who had always knew Scar Face's intentions for Gau. Though, Dais also knew the fatal risk that Elle had to take, he understood that what was Elle wanted. Scar Face took his leave, leaving Dais skeptical. 

Gau had a nightmare about Scar Face questioning his reasons for fighting. Gau replied that he fight to protect the ones he loved. Still, Scar Face told him about the consequences of reaching his goal to become a Cevar. Suddenly, Gau sees Elle in a pool of blood. Gau woke up, screaming. After calming down, he discovered that Elle was missing. 

Minutes later, he found her at a field, picking flowers to place at his parents' graves. Elle told Gau that she knew that Gau desired to become a Cevar before he reached 16, just like Scar Face. At the tree, Elle marked Gau's height. As she examining the marks, she was delighted to see how much Gau had grown. She recalled the first time she met him. 4 years ago, when Gau was 10, his parents were killed by bandits and his hometown destroyed. When Elle first met him, he was like pupa with the potential to become someone great. Now, she wanted to know whether the pupa would bloom into a butterfly or a moth. Her reason for adopting Gau was to see whether he had the ability to overpower her despite his strong feelings for her. 

Soon, at a stormy night, Elle and Gau fought each other. She warned Gau that she would kill him if she had to. (the fighting scenes are pretty impressive) Still, Gau was no match for Elle as he soon lost conscious. At the same time, the Soulfan spies felt that that was the golden opportunity to give a surprise attack. After combining themselves with some talismans magic, they transformed into one huge werewolf. Soon, the werewolf was tossing Elle about like a rag doll. Luckily for her, Scar Face appeared and killed the werewolf in seconds. 

Gau regained conscious and was surprised to see Scar Face. Elle coldly told him that their duel would end at first day light. Gau lost conscious again. When he awoke, he found himself inside some temple. Scar Face quietly told that they were in a shrine dedicated to the marital art of Shadow Skill and explained to him the history. Apparently, Shadow Skill was created by female salves who were oppressed by their cruel masters. In order to liberate themselves, they developed the Shadow Skill technique. Then, Scar Face changed to subject to Gau's reason in fighting. In Scar Face's opinion, fighting is exciting and it made him feel closer to god. 

Once again, Gau had doubts about himself defeating Elle using Shadow Skill because he was too weak especially his arm techniques. Scar Face told him that Shadow Skill arm techniques were useless because the female slaves were hand-bounded by chains. Upon hearing this, Gau observed the cravings on the walls. Like Scar Face had said, the female slaves were hand-bounded by chains. Due to fact that the slaves were able to free themselves despite their chains had made Shadow Skill one of the most feared Kuruda Techniques. 

Dawn came and Elle was waiting for Gau at the ancient training site. Gau entered, with his hands bounded. Elle saw this and followed suit. After marking their faces with the mark of Scar Face, they proceeded to fight. (A lot of jumping about, blood, kicks and fallen debris). During the fight, Gau discovered that he had to overcome his doubts to become strong. Elle hoped Gau had learnt the secret of Shadow Skill, which was in order to be free, the females salves had turned their bodies into killing machines. Therefore, the real reason that people fight was to fight for their freedom.   

Gau soon became excited and understood that his last obstacle to success was Elle. Like Gau, Elle hoped Gau to become stronger than her and eventually, stronger than Scar Face. Both of them started to recite the Marital Art Language. 



(ware wa mudekinai, ware no kagewazakanai mono nasu, ware ga ichigeki wa mutekinari!)

  “I’m invincible, there’s no one who could defeat my shadow skill, my one single bow is invincible!”  



After a tremendous explosion, there was silence. Later, Gau awoke and found Elle standing over him, smiling proudly as she held out her hand. Gau smiled and took her hand...





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