Rorouni Kenshin ~ Koyto Arc

Note: It is highly recommended that you watch it for yourself. This Kyoto arc has the best fighting scenes in the whole series.


Journey to Kyoto

Episode 1 - Return of the wolf; Prologue of blood war (Starting from episode 26 of the series)

Episode 2 - The ultimate rivalry

Episode 3 - Demon in revenge; Makoto Shishio's plot.

Episode 4 - Keshin's departure

Episode 5 - Kaoru goes to Kyoto

Episode 6 - Till the day I become the strongest; Aoishi Shinomori

Episode 7 - Makimachi Misao's Deceptive Looks

Episode 8 - An occupied village, Shishio's shadow

Episode 9 - End of the Tokugawa Era; Kenshin meets Shishio face to face

Episode 10 - Sakabatou Broken; Soujiro "The Heavenly Sword" versus Kenshin

Episode 11 - Sanosuke meets Anji, the Hakai-priest


At Kyoto

Episode 12 - The masterpiece of Akai Shakku; The man who made the Sakabatou.

Episode 13 - The battle with Juppongatana - Katanagari Cho

Episode 14 - The Hidden Technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu!

Episode 15 - Alliance between Shishio and Aoshi

Episode 16 - Between Life & Death. The Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki


Battle with Juppongatana

Episode 17 - The Gathering of the Juppongatana!

Episode 18 - The Battleship Rengoku

Episode 19 - The burning of the Rengoku

Episode 20 - The crashing of the Futae no Kiwami

Episode 21 - Anji's awakening

Episode 22 - The wolf catches the eye of the heart

Episode 23 - Time to keep a promise

Episode 24 - The time to be awaken

Episode 25 - The Attack on Aoiya

Episode 26 - The giant verus the superman

Episode 27 - The heaven sword verus the Hiten Mitsurugi

Episode 28 - Soujirou's past

Episode 29 - Shun-Ten-Satsu versus Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki

Episode 30 - The two men from the same destiny. Shishio versus Kenshin

Episode 31 - Kenshin's most critical battle

Episode 32 - The revival of the warrior spirit

Episode 33 - The victor; Shishio versus Kenshin - the last battle!


Returning Home

Episode 34 - The remaining of the Juppongatana; Choice of life

Episode 35 - Engraved Memory (ending at episode 62 of the series)


After Kyoto Arc

After the Kyoto arc, the rest of the episodes seem rather boring but there a few funny episodes...


Episode 36 - Kenshin's 'wedding' proposal (episode 66 of the series)

Episode 37 - To Misao; a message from Kyoto (episode 89 of the series)