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Anime Ring Tones


There still isnt a lot in here i realise, but i am proud to announce that i have MY OWN NOKIA phone at loooong last!! haha, its just a 3310, not a super model to brag about, but i'm really happy because i've always been fascinated by NOKIA composer... in addition to that i have gotten to know a fren, ShadowGalaxia, and he has contributed some wonderful ringtones to the website... thanks to those who have signed in the guest book and made comments about this section! i will try my best to add more ringtones of more variety...

I have double checked and made sure that the scores are accurate, but if u do put it on your phones and it sounds funny, something, somehow somewhere is just not correct, please do not hesitate to tell me!!

If there is something you'd really like to put on ur phones, u can request for it. If I know the song, I'll try to do it, but I can't guarantee anything, for some songs do not sound nice as ringtones, you must understand. Submissions are welcome too!!

Last but not least, please remember to give me credit!!!!!

1. Aa! Megami sama

- My heart iidasenai your heart tashikametai
- Congratulations

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

- Kimi ga ita scene
- Purachina/Platinum
- CCS 2
- CCS 2 con't
- Hoe?
- CCS 1
- Kibou no yokan
- Kero's theme - Kero chan ni omakase
- CCS eyecatch
- Haruyoijouka
- Yasashisa no tane

3. Fushigi Yuugi

- Wakatte ita hazu

4. Gundam

- 10 years after

5. Love Hina

- Sakura saku

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion

- Zankoku na tenshi no thesis
- Fly me to the moon

7. Saber Marionette J

- Hesitation
- Successful Mission

8. Sailor Moon

- Usagi Circus, Seramyu (not uploaded)
- Sailor Star Song (not uploaded)
- Moonlight Densetsu (not uploaded)
- Rashiku Ikimashou (not uploaded)
- Sailor moon S eyecatch (not uploaded)
- Honoo no messenger (not uploaded)
- Drive me the Mercury (not uploaded)

9. Sakura Taisen

- Geki! Teikoku Kageki-dan
- Hanasaku otome
- Mihata no moto ni

10. Shin Shirayukihime Desetsu Pretear

- White Destiny (OP) (not uploaded)

11. Weiss Kreuz

- Beautiful Alone
- Velvet Underground

12. You're Under Arrest

- 100mph no Yuuki
- Arittake no Jounetsu
- Brand New Day
- Love Somebody

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