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1. Match - written by RaTt

The match between our beloved Marionettes - Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry. Who will get Otaru this time?

2. The Last Secret of Mesopotamia - written by RaTt

Has Mesopotamia finally revealed all its secrets?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 (concluding)




1. Christmas Present - written by MizuYousei

Christmas is around the corner... what does Natsumi has for Shouji?

2. O-Tanjobi - written by MizuYousei

What would our fav couple, Natsumi & Shouji give to each other?

3. The Hard Pursuit - written by RaTt

Will Nakajima finally end his pursuit of winning Miyuki's hand?

4. Winter Wish - written by MizuYousei

What is Natsumi's deep desire for this Christmas season?




1. Path of Revenge - written by GeneWeiss

Is Tokiya Mikagami still bearing thoughts of revenge against his master, Meguri Koyoza for the murder of his sister, Mifuyu? Not only that, Hokage faces a new Enemy...

Chapter 1 - Path of Revenge

Chapter 2 - First Encounter

Chapter 3 - You're not Alone

Chapter 4 - Haruna Umi

Chapter 5 - Akatsuki Clan

Chapter 6 - Rain

Chapter 7 - Lurking

Chapter 8 - Hidden secrets (part 1)

Chapter 9 - Hidden secrets (part 2)

Chapter 10 - Hidden secrets (Part3)

2. A Little Bet - written by GeneWeiss

Kaoru Koganei is challenged by a stranger to a little bet. Will he win or lose?




It all started out with a simple mission for the Wei boys - assassinate Jean Lobe, a scum involved in the murder of Seta Sakimoto. However, an intruder turned up and killed him before them. Little did they know that their mission is not as simple as they think...

Chapitre 1: Immovable remnant of our sins

Chapitre 2: What should to be hidden, should be kept hidden

Chapitre 3: It takes a lifetime to know yourself, maybe even longer...

Chapitre 4: Se Soucier; fleur de cruauté..

Chapitre 5: Hell exists nowhere but within ourselves...

Chapitre 6: To accept the Truth is to accept yourself...

Chapitre 7: Be the proof of my existence...

Chapitre 8: Âme; lpersonnification du humain..

Chapitre 9: Au revoir

2. Mirage Mind - written by GeneWeiss

Aya finds himself in a mental hopsital where he has been staying for the last six years. Does Weiss Kreuz truly exist or is it a mere creation of his mind?



1. Curse of Red - written by GeneWeiss

A Poem dedicated to Sha Gojyo...

2. The Sutra - written by GeneWeiss

Genjo Sanzo has found a Sutra but it seems to trap him in a fate worse than Death. Will the others save him in time?

[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

3. Fatherhood - written by GeneWeiss

Genjo Sanzo gets the biggest shock of his life - He's a father! (Gasp! Are Sanzos allowed to have children?)


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