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San Nin No Sora

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The Sora of 3 die-hard anime fans!

Under the eyes of heaven, born 3 different people - RaTt, Mizu Yousei and Gene Weiss... little did they know that they are destined to meet together and create a website based on Jap animes ...

Ok cut the crap!

Hi Minna san! Welcome to our little anime corner. Please note that the type of Japanese animation that we have are catered to mature audiences.
However, we welcome you  to surf  our Website!!!!

After you have finished touring this site, we hope you'll give us comments by either signing our guessbook or mail us. If you could, please click on the 'Pass it On' icon below to tell your friends about our website. Arigatou! Thank you!

DEC 2005 Special

Final Fantasy VII:

 Advent Children

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Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away

This excellent anime has won an Oscar Award for this year (2003) 75th Academy Awards for Best Animation Film, winning over Disney & Dreamworks!!!!  

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