Episode 14

過ぎた事! 四百の真実!

Going back to the past; The 400 years old secret

Some time after their battle with Kurei, Kage Houshi had invited Recca, Yanagi, Fuko, Domon, Mikagami and Mr Tatesako to her house, which happened to be a hidden hideaway made by the Hokages. They entered through a passageway, which was concealed by an idol. However, they were being spied upon by someone. Kage Houshi's place was an old Japanese house (similar structure as Mr Tatesako's) with a pond of fishes. Yanagi was walking along the side of the pond as she admired the fishes. She would have probably fallen off the cliff if it had not been for Mikagami who stopped her in time. Kage Houshi appeared, welcomed them and explains that the house was built on a cliff due to the camouflage given by the tall trees. Therefore, nobody would know where they are.

Inside the house, Kage Houshi told them her real name was Kagero and she was Reccaís mother. As expected, Recca didnít believe her since she looked like a 20-year-old woman. Yet, Kagero proceeded on about the Hokages. The Hokages were a formidable ninja clan among the ninja clans in Japan. One day, her husband, Ohka, the 25th leader of the Hokage arrived in time to see his newborn son, Recca. Later at night, the Hokage villagers came over to congratulate them. Among them was Reina (another wife of Ohka) and her 4-year-old son, Kurei.

Reina gave Kagero a present - a bundle of human skulls. Seeing this, Ohka ordered her to leave but the angered Reina told Kagero that Kurei was destined to be the next Hokage leader because he possessed the power of the flame. Her son, Recca would be just a shield for Kurei. A few days later, on a full moon, Ohka heard from his family members that Reina had become arrogant and was a pain in the neck for everyone. Ohka apologized for being an irresponsible leader and husband but Kagero objected because she was happy that Recca was born as a normal person because she didnít want him to have the heavy burden of leadership. Then, baby Recca cried and Kagero walked over to check on him and gave a dismay cry. On baby Recca's arm, was an orange flame. Ohka was stunned by the sight. Recca was too, the child of the flame.

Another secret was unfolded - Recca and Kurei were half-brothers, thus, explaining why they had the same power. Kagero said that the Hokage leader could have as many sons as he wants but only one could obtain the power of the flame. Back to the Hokage village, a meeting was immediately held. Reina offered to kill Recca due to a superstitious belief that 2 flame casters would spell disaster for the Hokage Clan. The elder agreed and recalled a similar incident that the Hokage had many years ago. One of the former leaders had also 2 sons with the power of the flame. To solve this, the younger son was killed but it turned out to be that the eldest son was the one who brought the disaster upon the Hokages. So in order not to make the same mistake twice, Kurei had to die. A bowl of poison was placed before Kurei by a servant. The elder said he made the poison himself so that Kurei could die a quick and painless death. Reina refused to listen, protesting that Kurei was the firstborn and Recca should be the one dead. The elder told her that he felt a sense of evil the moment Kurei was born. Reina knocked the bowl over and held Kurei tightly. The rest of the Hokage warriors stood up and drew their swords.  Unable to bear the sight, Kagero and Ohka begged the elder to let Kurei live because he was just a child and incapable to be wicked. In the end, a decision iwas made Ė Reina and Kurei were to live at the outer rings of the village as outcasts.

A year later, Reina fell ill and Kurei was constantly bullied by the Hokage children. Reina wept bitterly at their state and told Kurei if Recca had not been born, he would be the next Hokage leader, respected by all. Kurei believed if Recca died, he and Reina would not need to suffer anymore. He gave a vile smile. At night, Kurei sneaked into Recca's bedroom and stabbed Recca, who cried loudly at the pain. Kagero came and saw Kurei. She screamed in horror. Waken by her scream, the rest of the family members rushed in to help and immediately sent Kurei to prison for life.  Fortunately, Recca was not in danger except for a scar on his cheek. Back to present, Recca recalled Kureiís words about the scar on his cheek.

Meanwhile, Kurei learnt that Reina had become weaker due to her severe illness. Some time later, Ohka received news that the demon was coming for them.

While the gang was engrossed in Kageroís story, Kureiís men Ė Hanemaru the Winged warrior, Kuchibashimaru of the Beak King and Tsumemaru of the Demon Claw (the 3 crows or the 3 idiots, I should say) were coming for them. (Basically, their main order was to report to Kurei where the Recca and the gang were. However, they decided to fight them to gain some glory for themselves since they were the lowest level members of the Uruha. Not a wise move at all.)


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Renai  Little Kurei

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